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Enhanced Efficiency: Google Ads to Automatically Pause Ad Groups with Low Activity

Enhanced Efficiency: Google Ads to Automatically Pause Ad Groups with Low Activity

Starting March 11th, Google Ads is implementing a significant update that will automatically pause ad groups exhibiting low activity. Specifically, this change applies to ad groups created at least 13 months ago that have failed to generate any impressions during that period. The rollout of this update will be gradual, with completion expected for all production Google Ads accounts by April 30th.

If your ads are impacted by this update, you will have the option to unpause them. However, it’s strongly recommended that advertisers carefully review their ad groups before making any decisions. It’s advisable to only unpause ad groups that are anticipated to receive impressions in the upcoming weeks. If ad groups that have been unpausing fail to garner impressions within a three-month timeframe, Google will automatically pause them once again.

Importantly, advertisers will still have the flexibility to make changes to their ad groups even while they are in a paused state. This allows for ongoing optimization and adjustments to campaign strategies.

This update from Google Ads is designed to enhance budget efficiency and campaign quality for advertisers. Navah Hopkins, an Evangelist at Optmyzr, expressed her enthusiasm for this update on LinkedIn, emphasizing its positive impact on optimizing budget allocation and campaign performance. By automatically pausing ad groups with low activity, advertisers can better focus their resources on high-performing campaigns, ultimately improving overall campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

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