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Google Analytics 4 introduces new reports for connected 360 campaigns

Google Analytics 4 introduces new reports for connected 360 campaigns

These reports allow users to assess the effectiveness of traffic generation and conversions from campaigns operating across Google Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Display & Video 360, now accessible in Google Analytics 4.

Search Ads 360 serves as a search management platform supporting campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Baidu, and Yahoo Japan.

Campaign Manager 360 functions as a campaign management tool for ads placed on websites and mobile platforms, handling ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting.

Display & Video 360 streamlines ad creation, audience data management, inventory purchasing, and campaign optimization.

The significance? Simplifying campaign analysis through the integration of these reports in GA 4 should yield improved results for advertisers.

To get started, after integrating your 360 ad platforms, access the new GA4 reports by selecting the specific integration summary card in the Acquisition overview report. For example, upon integration with Display & Video 360, find ‘View Display & Video 360 campaigns,’ leading to the new Display & Video 360 report.

In case you unlink a buying platform from your property, you can still access the relevant report via the Acquisition overview report to continue analyzing historical data.

New traffic source dimensions have been introduced for the new acquisition reports. Accessible when the 360 platforms are linked, these dimensions apply at the event, session, and user levels.

These dimensions facilitate cross-channel acquisition data comprehension, including:

– Source: The origin of your traffic, such as Google (a search engine), Facebook (referring site), direct (users who inputted your URL), or spring_newsletter (one of your newsletters).
– First user source: Identifies the primary sources of first-time visitors, like ‘organic’ for users arriving through a first-time organic search.
– Session source: Highlights the predominant primary sources for user interactions on your website within a specified time frame.

Additionally, leverage integration-specific dimensions like SA360 source, SA360 session source, and SA360 first user source to delve deeper into acquisition data for a particular buying platform, aiding in understanding traffic sources.

GA4 AdSense integration enhancements now enable linking GA4 properties with AdSense accounts within Analytics. For users employing GA4 subproperties or roll-up properties, establishing links between those properties and AdSense accounts is now possible, independently from the source properties.

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