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Google services issue on 26th oct 2023

Google services issue on 26th oct 2023

Google services issue on 26th oct 2023

Google experienced an issue on 26th Oct that affected its ability to serve search results to certain users. If you were using for your searches, you may have encountered error pages.

The problem with delivering search results is ongoing, and some users may still encounter error pages when conducting searches. Google is actively working to resolve this issue, and we anticipate the next update within the next 12 hours.

It’s crucial to note that Google is likely to address this problem promptly, as any difficulty in providing search results can significantly impact their advertising revenue. Unofficial estimates suggest that over 2 million searches are conducted on Google every minute.

While I haven’t personally experienced any issues with Google Search, it’s possible that some users have been affected.

For those who rely on traffic from Google Search to their websites, if you observe a decrease in traffic today, this could be a contributing factor. Rest assured, Google is actively working on a solution, and we anticipate a swift resolution.

Update: The serving issue was resolved in less than an hour, as reported by Google through its search status dashboard at 11:51 a.m 26th Oct. ET:

“We have resolved the issue related to serving search results. No further updates will be provided.”

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